Close Protection & Surveillance Awareness Driver Training

G4S Risk Consulting’s Specialist Training department offers the Close Protection & Surveillance Awareness Driving course for Close Protection drivers to attain a high level of situational awareness whilst controlling a vehicle through challenging & hazardous situations.


Either as a follow on from our Phoenix Close Protection course or stand alone, the Close Protection & Surveillance Awareness Driving course is designed to enable drivers to progress safely through a range of challenging situations whilst maintaining the high level of security awareness required.  

Through a series of training modules and practical exercises, drivers will learn how to mitigate the risks to safety and security whilst maintaining control of a vehicle. 

Students will learn the instinctive, defensive and evasive driving skills, as well as the specialist driving skills required. 

The Course

The course is conducted over a two day period at our training facilities in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Our team of highly experienced instructors are all former UK Special Forces personnel who have recognised civilian teaching and approved driving instruction (ADI) qualifications. 

Their proven capabilities and our facilities ensure we deliver a learning experience to enable security professionals to demonstrate a high level of certifiable driver training.


Defensive, Evasive & Instinctive Driving Module:
  • Commentary driving
  • Close proximity driving
  • Rolling slalom
  • Skid car
  • Instinctive driving skills
  • Emergency situation drills
  • Hard reverse turns
  • Ramming techniques

Close Protection Surveillance Awareness Module:
  • Convoy driving formation
  • Surveillance detection
  • Anti-surveillance drills
  • Attack recognition & cross-over drills
  • Situation awareness and surveillance detection
  • Travel pattern analysis and area of predictable travel

Course location

The training will be conducted at our facilities in Herefordshire and Worcestershire .

Course fees

Available on application

Please complete the course enquiry form or call us on (+44) 01989 550325 for further information on prices and advice

Benefits of training

  • Increases the overall confidence, experience and capability of a driver
  • Raises levels of security awareness
  • Enables drivers to react positively to hazardous situations
  • Provides additional capability to drivers
  • Stimulating and challenging activities
  • Experienced instructors.