Conflict Management

Our Conflict Management training Course allows organisations to prepare their employees to be able to identify and deal with Conflict Management issues and situations that they might find themselves involved in.

G4S Conflict Management courses are designed to teach an organisations employees how to react and deal with real life conflict situations. The course combines theory and relevant practical role play scenarios on how a person should react to differing conflict situations.

On completion of the Conflict Management course, your staff will be able to recognise, avoid and deal with potential conflict situations, enabling them to operate safely and effectively in situations that put them outside of their comfort zone.

The training package is a one day course but can be adapted to suit the clients’ needs.


  • The Threat
  • Situation Awareness Workshop
  • Social Networking Awareness
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • Practical Venue Risk Assessment
  • Communication and Personal Zones
  • Triggers to Violence
  • Diffusing Techniques
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Switching Strategy 
  • Exit Strategy
  • Practical Role-Play Scenario 

Our Training Team

Our team of experienced instructors are made up of ex-military and police personnel who have recognised civilian teaching qualifications and benefit from up to date operational experience.

Their proven capabilities and our training facility ensure that your personnel are thoroughly trained and prepared for any conflict situation that they may find themselves involved in.


Training is conducted at our training facility in Herefordshire but can be delivered Worldwide if required.

Benefits of Conflict Management

  • Empowers your staff to apply personal safety and security measures
  • Conflict Management role play training acts as a reassurance and confidence building exercise
  • Helps fulfil employee duty of care and legal responsibilities
  • Taught by instructors with up to date experience and knowledge of actual real life conflict management events and best practices