Our Contractors on Deployed Operations (CONDO) training course allows both civilian and military personnel to undertake their jobs safely and effectively in challenging, remote and hostile environments.

All of our training courses have been designed to meet the obligations under DEFSTAN 05-129 and Ministry of Defence (MOD) DEFCON 697.

As a leading provider of CONDO training, we have prepared a number of individuals from large multinational companies and the MOD within the nominated Joint Operations Centre (JOA).

We deliver two and three day courses, however the curriculum and duration can be adapted to suit the operational needs of our client.


  • Country specific security briefing
  • Threat and risk mitigation workshop
  • Cultural awareness
  • Situational awareness
  • International travel 
  • Journey management
  • Residence and hotel security
  • Personal security awareness 
  • Personal protective and emergency equipment
  • Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) awareness
  • Use of a grab bag and the wearing of appropriate clothing
  • Use of MOD provided transport
  • Working alongside Close Protection Officers and the use of armoured vehicles
  • Use of locally employed guides or drivers
  • Vehicle security and car jacking awareness
  • Checkpoint awareness
  • Weapons effects and use of cover
  • Improvised explosive devices (IED) 
  • Suicide bombers techniques
  • Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) recognition
  • Mine awareness
  • Minefield extraction drills from vehicle and on foot
  • Loss of liberty and survival techniques
  • Active attack
  • Practical scenario training
  • Medical training (basic life support)
  • Medical Training

Basic medical training is a fundamental part of our standard CONDO course comprising of the following subjects:
    • Primary and Secondary Survey
    • CPR
    • Catastrophic Hemorrhage Control

In addition to the standard course, we also deliver a further module which extends the course to three days. Depending on requirements and if necessary we can adapt the curriculum to suit individual needs.

On our three day course we also offer driver training covering:

  • Off road driving techniques and self recovery

Experienced instructors

Our experienced instructors are made up of former UK Special Forces and police personnel who bring with them a mix of operational expertise and professional teaching qualifications to the design and delivery of our courses. Their proven capabilities ensure that delegates are thoroughly prepared for any challenging situations they may face.

Course location

The training is conducted at our facility in Herefordshire and surrounding areas.

Course fees

Please complete the course enquiry form or call us on (+44) 01989 550325 for further information on prices and advice

Benefits of CONDO training

  • Empowers your personnel to apply personal safety and security measures
  • Acts as a reassurance and confidence building exercise
  • Forms a healthy component of any Human Resources strategy for companies with operations overseas
  • Helps fulfil employee duty of care and legal responsibilities
  • Taught by instructors with on the ground experience of the regions you are operating in
  • Offers a pre-condition for a reduction on insurance costs.


I am writing to express my gratitude for the CONDO training, which once again was professionally presented and I know I will put the content to good use. So many thanks to the team for the very useful and informative course. I will pass back positive feedback to management here and recommend G4S in the future.