Travel Safety and Security Awareness Training (TSSAT)

Our Travel Safety and Security Awareness Training course prepares participants to operate safely and effectively in a diverse range of challenging environments globally

Travel Safety & Security Awareness Training (1 day course) 

Our Travel Safety & Security Awareness Training (TSSAT) course is designed to prepare staff from corporate, non-governmental and industry sector organisations for business travel to non-conflict affected but challenging environments globally. At the end of the workshop you or your staff will be equipped with the knowledge and ability to plan journeys, conduct business activities safely, recognise potential threats and respond to the various types of incidents they may encounter in an appropriate manner based on their heightened security awareness.

On completion of the course, delegates will be able to recognise and avoid threats to their safety, enabling them to operate effectively in challenging situations.

Our experienced team has designed this classroom based interactive workshop to meet your training needs and will tailor the content to actual threat vectors in the specific regions or cities of interest if required

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Country specific security briefing 
  • Threat and risk mitigation workshop
  • Situational awareness
  • Cultural awareness
  • International travel planning 
  • Journey management
  • Personal security awareness including security awareness for females
  • Hotel security awareness
  • Office/residential security awareness
  • Working with locally employed guides or drivers 
  • Working alongside security personnel
  • Clothing and emergency equipment
  • Communications and emergency response options
  • Active attack
  • Loss of liberty

Our Training Team

Our training team predominately consists of former UK military Special Forces personnel who bring a mix of operational expertise and professional teaching qualifications to the design and delivery of our courses.

Our Facilities

Training takes place at our dedicated facility in Herefordshire but can also be conducted anywhere in the world depending on client requirements.

Benefits of TSSAT

  • Empowers your staff to apply personal safety and security measures
  • Acts as a reassurance and confidence building exercise
  • Forms a healthy component of any Human Resources strategy
  • Helps fulfil employee duty of care and legal responsibilities
  • Training tailored to meet specific needs and matched to actual threats in the areas of interest