Preparing the personnel of a well known broadcaster for travel to areas of conflict


Since 2010, we have delivered safety and security training to the personnel of a well known British broadcaster who are due to travel to conflicted environments.

Establishing and agreeing clear objectives

In order for us to effectively deliver this training, it was important to understand the client’s personal expectations for the course. On award, our Training Director made immediate contact with the customer to agree and establish clear objectives for the training. Standards and expectations were then cascaded directly to the selected Lead Trainer with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) established for the training team to work to. This allows the Lead Trainer and Training Director to monitor and measure performance for each course and feedback to the client as appropriate.

Creating a fun learning experience

Training covers a number of aspects including hostile, driver and first aid training. By delivering these aspects in a friendly and approachable manner, we ensure that all the information is clear, easy to understand and that participants feel comfortable asking questions. We also deliver the course through a combination of practical sessions and classroom training, creating a fun learning environment.

Meeting expectations

By creating a fun and practical course, we ensured that delegates left with a positive and beneficial learning experience. Our trainers are incentivised to achieve a 90 per cent score on the KPIs set for all our courses and these are measured from the feedback of the course delegates. In 2011, the feedback score across the year was 93 per cent.


“Trainer was really friendly and you felt comfortable asking him anything.”

“All the information was clear and easy to understand. The handout booklet was excellent.”

“This course covered things that I had not touched on in previous First Aid courses. Clear and concise, a good booklet and a great teacher.”

“I thought it was excellent.”

“The best parts were the practical sessions with feedback.”

“This course made First Aid much less intimidating than I had previously thought it to be."

“The course was great, a very good-fun learning environment.”

“The best parts were the practical exercises and the friendliness and approachability of the trainer.”

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We provide a comprehensive one day Safety Awareness programme to prepare the personnel of a development and relief agency for future long term development projects or emergency relief situations.

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Police Force

For over five years, G4S Specialist Training has provided Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), driving and medical training courses to the counter terrorism unit of a large police force.

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Police Force