About Us

Our Specialist Training business is a key part of G4S Risk Consulting Ltd, a leading provider of integrated training solutions in a range of environments, including those that are complex or sensitive. 
Our clients include Governments, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) small to medium enterprises, multinational corporations, media groups, and international peace and security agencies. 

The Specialist Training business is an integral part of Risk Consulting’s security solutions and training provision, providing subject matter expertise and assistance both internally and to our clients, across the full spectrum of the organisation’s activities.

Continually meeting the changing requirements of our clients

Headquartered in Herefordshire, UK, with several fixed facilities both in the UK and overseas, we can operate as comfortably in the field as in the classroom. This enables us to remain flexible and continually meet the changing requirements of our clients.

A collaborative approach

Our training team is comprised of predominantly former Tier 1 United Kingdom Special Forces personnel who have worked in the world’s most austere environments. All have worked to the highest levels during their military careers, been fully vetted and hold security clearances. We have an aim to achieve excellence and our pursuit of that is relentless. For us, client engagement and a collaborative approach is the key to understanding client requirements and providing the best training solutions matched to their needs.

Meeting a wide range of requirements

We provide training across a wide offering to meet the requirements of individuals (accredited training and medical  courses); corporates, non-governmental and international agencies (risk mitigation);  and government, police and military organisations (special projects).

At one end of the spectrum our training has enabled thousands of former service personnel to enter the security industry, whilst at the other we have designed and delivered sophisticated training solutions to allied overseas forces, enhancing and enabling capacity building.

Special projects

Our special projects training team have taken on a number of projects from a conceptual capability request to reduce the casualties from improvised explosives devices (IEDs), to a fully established programme of record for an overseas Special Forces organisation.

Each of these deliveries has been unique and we are the only overseas company to have been involved in the continuous delivery for over six years of this type of training to a five eyes nation.

Due to the sensitivity of our special projects offering, we only engage with individuals or organisations when we can establish their credentials. To discuss special projects, please contact us directly.